Oil Change Near Me


Oil changes are a staple of automotive care. Those in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, and Lafayette, LA seeking a reliable shop can always turn towards Land Rover Baton Rouge. We have the technology, staff, and expertise to handle the job with efficiency and effectiveness. If you aren’t quite sure how often your vehicle requires an oil change or how long the oil change process usually takes, we’ve also created informative guides that can be accessed at any time.

So, be sure to stay on top of your vehicle’s needs by reading through our helpful guides before scheduling an oil change!

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Regular estimates suggest that an oil change should occur every 5,000 miles. This is a steady number, yet one that also changes depending on variables, such as your model type, your driving habits, and what it is you ask of your vehicle on a daily or weekly basis.

Heavy-duty trucks that exert tremendous force while towing or hauling may require more frequent stops, for example. Also, high-performance sedans are the same way, requiring regular visits to maintain their enjoyable and dynamic capabilities.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

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Given the regularity of oil changes and the fact that every type of model needs them, they’re a pretty efficient process. When you come into our shop, we have a specified area for swapping out oil, helping you get in and out in under a half hour.

Signs I Need My Oil Changed

If you aren’t certain when you last had your oil changed, there are key signs that suggest a swap is needed.

For starters, any unnatural noises emanating from under the hood could be due to worn motor oil. You can also look at the oil itself. If it’s dark and grungy rather than smooth and golden-brown, a change is worthwhile.

The performance of your vehicle can be factored in, as well. Lessening fuel economy or diminished power are symptoms that an oil change is needed.

Get to Know More About Oil Changes

To keep humming along the streets of Baton Rouge, Gonzales, and Lafayette, your vehicle will require the occasional oil change. So, get to know more about the process by checking out our guides and contact us at Land Rover Baton Rouge or stop by to to schedule a service today!