Caring for a luxury Land Rover model over the course of many years requires routine visits to the service center. From oil changes to general inspections to tire rotations, some basic care is needed to get the most from your model. At Land Rover Baton Rouge, we have a pristine facility you can turn to when it's time for service. We also want to help you stay on top of needed services, which is why we've created Land Rover maintenance schedules.

No matter the luxurious Land Rover model you drive, we'll have a thorough breakdown of what services it needs and when these services should occur!

Keeping Up with Routine Care

Most of the services your Land Rover is going to require are simple procedures that can be quickly completed. Oil changes are recommended to occur between every 5,000 and 7,500 miles, for instance. Tire rotations are typically executed at the same time.

Other services are going to depend on how and where you drive your vehicle. If you drive aggressively, replacing the brakes or installing a new set of tires will occur more frequently. If you take your luxury SUV off-roading, we'll perform specific services over time to ensure lasting capability.

So while our maintenance schedules are a great guide, the most thorough care we can provide comes from learning about your specific lifestyle and Land Rover model.

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Book a Visit for Unexpected Services

Sticking to our maintenance schedules is a great way to ensure your Land Rover enjoys a long and healthy life. Sometimes though, unexpected needs will pop up. If you've been in a fender bender or find that one of your tires has a hole in it, you can book a trip to our shop online and we'll address your service need.

Your Land Rover will let you know if specific care is required too, just look at the dashboard. If you see a symbol pop up on the dash that won't go away, it likely means your SUV requires a specific service!

Utilize Our Land Rover Maintenance Schedules Today!

Follow our Land Rover maintenance schedules and your luxury SUV will remain in peak condition.

Booking a visit to our Land Rover Baton Rouge Service Center is simple, too. Contact us today!

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